Welcome to the homepage for Discover Alexandria walking tours. We offer private historical tours in Old Town, Alexandria.

  • You can email discoveralexandria@gmail.com to make a reservation for a private tour.
  • All un-vaccinated guests are requested to wear masks.
  • All tour guides are vaccinated. 

*Private tours cost $20.00 per person and $8.00 for children (with a $50.00 minimum), please email us to work out a time. You can choose from any of our offered tours, or ask us to customize something for your group. Private tours leave from Market Square.




Tour Descriptions:

*If a tour is not on our regular schedule, it is still available for private tours.

  • Discover Alexandria Signature Tour: This tour takes you from Alexandria’s past to present as you check out the historic sites and learn about local favorites.
  •  Colonial and Revolutionary Alexandria: Take a tour through Alexandria’s Colonial and Revolutionary history, from the town’s establishment in 1749, to Washington’s death in 1799. Learn about Alexandria’s founding, its role during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution, as well as George Washington’s life in the community
  •  Ghosts of Alexandria: A haunted tour at twilight, exploring Alexandria’s history and lingering spirits.

For more information, please email discoveralexandria@gmail.com or call 774-641-9006. Due to our touring schedule, emails are preferred.