The Popular Pub Crawl

What is a good length of time to enjoy one beer at a pub?
This is the question we asked ourselves at Discover Alexandria when we set out to creative the best pub crawl in Old Town.

I came up with a very exact 22 to 23 minutes per beer, per bar. This allows the pub crawler the time to order, receive his or her beer, and chug-a-lug before venturing out again to hear more historical facts from yours truly. With this beer drinking turnaround, the tour goer can experience just the right amount of buzz as they follow the tour route. My jokes are funnier when people have been drinking (or so I tell myself).

So where do we stop?
– Union Street Public House

-The Fish Market’s Anchor Bar

– Bilbo Baggins Green Dragon Pub

– John Strongbows Tavern

I have a favorite beer at all of these locations, so please do not hestitate to ask.

If you want to join in on this good time, check out our schedule for regularly held tours or email us at to schedule your own private tour. We do not charge extra for private tours- we are here to bring you to your beer in the most enjoyable way possible.




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