Our First Tour

On a beautiful Friday afternoon, we held our first “Sweet History” tour.

The tour began in front of The Lyceum, which is Alexandria’s history museum. Since the focus of the tour was on dessert spots in Alexandria, the guide began with an overview of all the best cupcake, icecream, cake, pie, and chocolate spots in Old Town. After that, she gave a little bit of background on Old Town and the group visited the first stop on the route- Society Fair. Society Fair is a bistro, market, and demo kitchen famous for bringing together a variety of delicious foods from only the best local shops. Customers perused the chocolate, cookies, cheeses and fresh bread before discovering Society Fair’s homemade cakes at the front. One of their specialties, the Circus Cake, was quite a hit.

After the tour departed from Society Fair, the group made its way through the “upper King Street” area stopping to discuss early colonial architecture and walking through the grounds of Christ Church along that way. The tour passed what used to be a famous Alexandria sugar refinery before making its way to BluPrint Chocolatiers- the second sweet stop on the tour. The chocolate shop is owned by a husband and wife chocolate making team. They sell a box of chocolates specific to Old Town. Each chocolate has an image important to the history of the city. After leaving this delicious establishment, the tour wrapped around King Street and stopped at several other historical landmarks.

The last stop on the tour was refreshing gelato at Casa Rosada Artisan Gelato, where another husband and wife team from Argentina makes everything from scratch at the shop. Participants were surprised at how large the portions were and spent time savoring their final stop.

For information on how to book a tour, please contact Ashley at discoveralexandria@gmail.com



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