Alexandria Visitor’s Center

Discover Alexandria has been a member of the similarly titled Visit Alexandria for about two months now. Visit Alexandria runs the Alexandria Visitor’s Center found on King Street where you’ll find a friendly staff and lots of information on the area. Many of the areas restaurants, boutiques, tour sites, and tour companies are members of the Visit Alexandria organization.

The Visitor’s Center is located in the Ramsay House, a famous historical landmark of Old Town. The rumor is that that it is the oldest house in Alexandria-built during the 1720s. Virginia did not officially establish the town of Alexandria until 1749, so how is it possible to have a house on a plot of land that was undeveloped at the time? The local town lore indicates that the house floated down the Potomac on a boat from Dumfries, Virginia. Although  this is a story frequently told amongst Alexandria residents, there unfortunately has not been significant historical records to back-up the claim. Nonetheless, it provides quite the story for anyone visiting the town.

The Visitor’s Center is in one of the greatest parts of Old Town- just two blocks from the Alexandria waterfront. Several of our tours start behind the Torpedo Factory at the end of King Street. The Torpedo Factory, originally built during World War 1, serves as art studios as well as a home for the Alexandria Archaeological Museum. Our tours start on the bench closest to the booth where the Potomac Riverboat Company sells tickets for the water taxi. You can catch a ride over to Georgetown and National Harbor from the waterfront in Alexandria. Also close to our tour launch are two waterside restaurants- Blackwall Hitch and The Chart House. Each restaurant has a great outdoor patio for people watching and soaking up the sun. A new restaurant, Vola’s Dockside Grill, is set to open on August 22nd. From the looks of the construction, it appears that there will be two separate areas of the restaurant- a formal and informal section. There seem to be two bars inside and a smaller bar/sitting area outside on the pier. The owner of Vola’s runs several other Alexandria dining favorites including Virtue Feed and Grain and The Majestic.

For more stories like this one, please join us on one of our many varieties of historical tours. The upcoming schedule is:

Thursday 4pm: Discover Alexandria

Friday 1130am: Discover Alexandria; 130pm: Discover Alexandria; 5pm: Historical Pub Crawl

Saturday 130pm: Discover Alexandria

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.


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