Discovering Mercy St. in Alexandria

Last week PBS concluded the second season of their civil-war inspired show-Mercy Street. The show followed the lives of nurses and doctors in Alexandria, VA who worked in Union Army hospitals. While the show itself was not filmed in Alexandria (it was filmed in Richmond, VA), the real sites behind the show are still present in Old Town today.

To explore the themes and sites of the show, Discover Alexandria created the Discovering Mercy walking tour. The tour takes just over an hour and visits locations such as the Green family furniture factory, the Apothecary Shop, the Carlyle House (location of the former Mansion House Hospital), and several other buildings turned hospitals during the Civil War-such as the Lyceum and the Atheneum. Guides place Mercy. St. in historical context within the greater history of Alexandria.

The Discovering Mercy tour takes place every Sunday afternoon at 3pm. The tour begins at the Alexandria Visitor’s Center on 221 King St. If you can’t make it on a Sunday afternoon, please email to set up a private tour. Prices for private tours are the same as our regular tours, regardless of the number of people on them.


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