Labor Day in Alexandria

Long weekends in Alexandria are great opportunities for exploring local museums, restaurants, and shops. For Labor Day at Discover Alexandria, we’ve put together a combination of tours to help visitors get out and enjoy the sites. Below we’ve broken down the different tours we’re offering. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to or call 774-641-9006.


630pm Ghosts of Alexandria

               Our signature ghost tour is a great opportunity for visitors of all ages to explore Alexandria’s hidden past. The tour takes about 90 minutes and stops at 7 different locations such as Captain’s Row and Gadsby’s Tavern. There are 2 different graveyards on the tour. Unlike other ghosts tours you might have been on, we pride ourselves on a blend of history and legend. At each stop on the ghost tour you’ll learn about the history of the site, what happened there in the past, and why it’s haunted today. We take into account investigations done by local paranormal agencies as well as the experiences of Alexandrians who have faced the ghosts themselves.

               My favorite part of the ghost tour is the stop at the Presbyterian Meeting House graveyard because it’s the spot where guests have had a few spooky encounters—either catching something strange on their phone, or seeing something out of the corner of their eye—this 18th century graveyard never disappoints.  


4pm Women of Civil War Alexandria

               Women of Civil War Alexandria is our newest addition to our tour repertoire. We are extremely proud to pair up with the National Women’s History Museum (located for the time being in Alexandria) to offer the tour. The National Women’s History Museum is working towards the creation of a women’s history museum on the mall in Washington, D.C. and they also have several initiatives to spread knowledge about women’s history via educational initiatives, special events…and of course, walking tours.

               The most fascinating story on this tour, in my opinion, is about the women who dressed as men to serve as soldiers during the Civil War. This wasn’t just an isolated phenomenon; estimates show that over 300 women (that we know of) served on the front lines.


1pm Discover Alexandria

               In about 75 minutes, the Discover Alexandria tour will take you to all the most important historic sites in Old Town. The tour stops at the Waterfront, the Apothecary Shop, Market Square, and many other locations. This tour covers a wide range of information and history from the founding of Alexandria in 1749 to the latest construction projects of 2018. We highly recommend the Discover Alexandria tour for anyone visiting Alexandria for the first time, and also for locals who have always been wondering about Alexandria’s history.

7pm Ghosts of Alexandria

               This is another opportunity to catch the ghost tour if you missed it on Friday night.


4pm Discover Alexandria

               Since most people don’t have work on Labor Day, you can catch the Discover Alexandria tour on Monday afternoon.


If none of the offered times work for your group, our schedules are flexible and we can accommodate private tour requests. Contact us via email or phone to ask about our availability.

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