Historic Cemetery Tour: Oct. 20, 2018

               This Saturday at 5pm, we’ll be offering one of our specialty tours that is usually only available by request as a private tour. The historic cemetery tour starts at the corner of Wilkes St. and S. Payne St., and explores the history of prominent Alexandrians buried in the cemeteries of the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex.  The tour lasts over an hour and is a fantastic way to learn history in a spooky setting, especially this time of year.  

               The Cemetery Complex contains 13 different historic cemeteries, including Alexandria National Cemetery. Most of the 13 cemeteries are maintained by the city, but some of them have been abandoned. The Cemetery complex was founded in 1804 when a major typhoid epidemic broke out in the city forcing city officials to prohibit burials within city limits. At the time, the Wilkes Street cemetery complex was considered to be on the “outskirts of town.” Today it’s located near Whole Foods…

               Kieran will be your guide for the Saturday Historic Cemetery Tour. Kieran is a historian who specializes in early American history, and he brings his expertise to bear on the tour by discussing the history of several of Alexandria’s famous residents interned in the graveyards. There is hardly a question you can think of that Kieran will not know how to answer.  

               The tour itself is kid friendly. While there is one spooky story on the tour, it’s nothing our young tour-goers won’t be able to handle. Unfortunately, due to cemetery rules we cannot allow furry friends on this tour. If you want exercise for your pup, most of our other tours are dog-friendly.

               You won’t be able to book your tickets online in advance through out system because the Historic Cemetery Tour is a special seasonal offering. You can pay for your ticket with card or cash directly to the guide when you arrive on Saturday. To ensure you have a spot, email discoveralexandria@gmail.com to make a tour reservation.

               After your tour, if you’d like to visit a few of Alexandria’s other famous graveyards we recommend the following:

        Freedman’s Cemetery, 1001 S. Washington St. Alexandria

        Presbyterian Meeting House Graveyard, 321 S. Fairfax St. Alexandria

        Christ Church Graveyard, 118 N. Washington St. Alexandria

We hope to tour with you soon.

Happy Halloween!

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