What’s New in 2019

Every year Discover Alexandria brainstorms new ways to improve our walking tours for locals and visitors alike. We take into account feedback from visitors, touring experiences, and local conditions to come up with ways that will make our tours fun, informative, and enjoyable.

One of our missions at Discover Alexandria is to include all of the city’s history, not just the history of those who left behind the greatest number of records. In order to do so, we have been conducting more research into the history of religious minorities, African Americans, and women. What we’ve been able to include on our tours has been fascinating: we’ve added information on Beth el Hebrew Congregation, the Civil Rights Movement in Alexandria, and the influence of pioneering women such as Margaret Brent and Dorothea Dix. To round out our tours, we’ve also expanded research on periods of the city’s history that often don’t get the same attention as the colonial or Civil War eras. Alexandria played an important role as a center for industry during World War II, and the 1980s brought about a full revitalization of the Old Town area.

In 2018 we experimented with a few ways to make our tours more kid-friendly. After trying out a couple different strategies, we’ve designed versions of our Discover Alexandria and Ghosts of Alexandria tour that are geared to engage a younger audience. If you are bringing your children on the tour, feel free to email us in advance with any history they have been learning in school, or topics they might be interested in. It would make our day to be able to connect something from the classroom to our tour of Alexandria.

Online we are continuing to search for ways to strengthen our digital presence. Our first goal is to make our website more user-friendly and visually appealing. Admittedly, website design is a skill we are lacking, so we’re in the process of recruiting top talent to transform our websites into more user-friendly platforms.

Last but not least, we are in the process of strengthening our local partnerships. At the moment we have touring agreements with Visit Alexandria (the city’s tourism bureau), the National Women’s History Museum, and several small businesses that are featured on our Sweet History and Historical Pub Crawl. We are thinking of putting together an Alexandria recommendation guide to help guests find the best local spots for coffee, food, and shopping. 

If you have ideas about what you’d like to see covered on any of our tours, feel free to reach out to us at discoveralexandria@gmail.com. We’re always flexible and open to new opportunities to improve our business.

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