Walking in the New Year: 2020 Updates

Here at Discover Alexandria, we’re excited to be ringing in the New Year in Old Town. We opened back in 2016 and each year we try to grow in new ways within the community. This year we are looking at adding another tour and supplementing our existing tours with fascinating new content. Read on to hear more.

In June, we are launching a new tour that focuses on the architecture of Alexandria. Our built environment is so rich in layers of history, and we want to capture all the little details that make our buildings, streets, and public spaces special. We will start offering the architecture tour as a private tour in June and if it takes off, we’ll put it on our regular schedule.

As we’re expanding our tour repertoire to include new tours, we’re sticking with and improving our old classics as well. Our two most popular tours: the Discover Alexandria signature tour and Ghosts of Alexandria, will be updated with new content, some of which will come from the architectural history tour. We always offer the Discover Alexandria tour on Sundays at 1pm (leaves from the Alexandria Visitor’s Center) and we have many more offerings for both tours during peak season (March-October). If you can’t find a tour time that works with your schedule, just email us at discoveralexandria@gmail.com to set up a private tour.

In 2020 we also help to continue to strengthen our local partnerships with businesses and the city’s museums. The Sweet History tour’s stop at Bluprint Chocolatiers continues to be a fan favorite, and a walk through the Torpedo Factory art center gives visitors a sneak peak at some of the city’s best art. If your local business would like to be mentioned or become a part of our history tour, just let us know!

To give everyone a front row seat to all the great events going on in the city, we will be ramping up our social media posting across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t miss out—follow us on our different platforms for fun photos and events.

Before I wrap up, I want to thank all the people who came to Alexandria and took a tour with us in 2019. Without out adventure seeking tour-goers, we wouldn’t exist. So cheers to you in 2020, come back and visit often!

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